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Mount Royal Cemetery

Mount Royal Cemetery in Montreal is a large landscaped cemetery adjoining another cemetery – Notre-Dame-des-Neiges. We walked into the cemetery and followed on of the roads to the right where the land rises. We soon had Blackpoll Warbler, a very close male American Redstart (with red rather than orange highlights), Black-capped Chickadee, Downy Woodpecker and heard the distinct sound of a Chipping Sparrow. This was followed by the equally distinctive sound of a Red-breasted Nuthatch, soon seen in a nearby tree.

Continuing to follow the roads around Pine and Rose Hills we found a small area of graves edged on one side with woodland and on the other with a row of trees. Here we stopped to see what would turn up. We saw Cedar Waxwing, Gray Catbird, American Goldfinch, Northern Flicker, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Northern Mockingbird, Northern Cardinal and a male Wilson's Warbler. Further along Rose Hill we again stopped and saw Blackpoll Warbler, a single Philadelphia Vireo and another male American Redstart, this time more orangey. Near here are a few nest boxes on posts, one of which was being used by a pair of House Wrens. Back near the centre of the cemetery we saw three Broad-winged Hawks wheeling overhead.

A quick walk through Notre-dames-des-Neiges didn't add anything new and we came out on Ch. Remembrance opposite the lake area of Mount Royal Park. Stopping for a rest at the pavillion (cafe and toilets here) we were surrounded by Ring-billed Gulls. Tree Swallows and Chimney Swifts hawked over the lake and, quite surprisingly we thought, a female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker suddenly flew over our heads and landed in a tree about two metres away. It then flew to a tree nearer us and worked its way up the trunk until it was out of sight. On the lake were only Ring-bills and Mallards.

The next day (June 5th) we walked through Notre-dames-des-Neiges Cemetery to get to Mount Royal Cemetery. During this short walk we saw Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Northern Flicker, Chipping Sparrow, Northern Cardinal, Chimney Swift, American Crow and Red-eyed Vireo. In Mount Royal Cemetery we again walked to Rose Hill and found the nest hole of a pair of Downy Woodpeckers. Whilst watching this a small bird flew past and landed in a nearby tree. This turned out to be a male Black-and-white Warbler; our only one of the trip. The species list here was similar to the previous day with the addition of Clay-colored Sparrow and White-breasted Nuthatch. We also saw two male and a female American Redstart, another female Blackpoll Warbler and, as we left the cemetery, a Great Blue Heron flew overhead.

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