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Senegambia Hotel

After a pleasant lunch at the Senegambia, with accompanying Beautiful Sunbirds in the trees and a calling Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, we headed out into the gardens. We had one main target and it was to be found in an island of trees by the putting green! I heard a singing bird and tracked it down. I called the rest over to view this splendid target species: a White-crowned Robin-chat, noticeably larger than its Snowy-crowned cousin.

A good lunch followed by such a good (and easy) bird had us all in good spirits as we headed towards a sprinkler that was attracting birds. Brown and Blackcap Babblers ducked and dived under the spray and Village Weavers filled the surrounding trees.

Continuing on the paths and around the blocks of rooms we enjoyed good views of many more species: a family of Red-billed Hornbills feeding on the ground, Piapiacs, a Woodland Kingfisher, Blue-bellied Rollers, Speckled Pigeons on the building roofs, Greater Blue-eared, Long-tailed and Bronze-tailed Glossy Starlings at another water source and Lavender Waxbill and Northern Black Flycatcher. One large bird flew in, landed on a tree branch and flew off almost immediately. A couple of us got on it and realised it was our first Blue-breasted Kingfisher. Unfortunately it was gone before we could even shout and we were unable to relocate it.

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