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Central Park in June

Too late for the migrants, I did a quick trip to the Ramble area and was sadly disappointed with what was about. Compared to every other trip I have made here it was very quiet.

Blue Jay was the first truely American bird seen, soon followed by Common Grackle and American Robin. American Robins were particularly abundant. On the big lake were a lone Great Egret, Mallards, a couple of Barn Swallows hawking over the water's surface and singing Red-winged Blackbirds.

Further into the woods I heard Cedar Waxwings calling and saw a few Gray Catbirds and Mourning Doves. Turtle Lake held only Mallards and a pair of Gadwall.

Black-crowned Night-heron

Black-crowned Night-heron

Back at the lake I added a singing Song Sparrow, Eastern Kingbird, a close Black-crowned Night-heron and Mute Swan. Feeling somewhat dispirited I headed back to the hotel after only about an hour and a half. I did pick up a singing Warbling Vireo, American Crow and House Finch on the way back, and, as I walked though Bryant Park, a singing first-summer male American Redstart.

We first went to Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond getting Gray Catbird and American Redstart on the way. Looking out over Turtle Pond we added Red-winged Blackbird and a Green Heron. Chimney Swifts flew overhead but otherwise it was very quiet.

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